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Ocala Lawns is a locally-owned ,and operated, lawn and landscape
service covering Ocala, Belleview, Silver Spring Shores,
Anthony, Marion Oaks, The Villages and surrounding areas

phone: 352-502-6869

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We Deliver Mulch. We Even Spread the Mulch!

Ocala Lawns offers you a complete yard mulching service.

If you prefer the look and benefits of Organic Mulch, such as Cypress, Hardwood, Pine Bark Nuggets, and Red Mulch, we can accommodate your needs. Would you like something that lasts longer? Synthetic Mulch is growing in popularity for a reason.

We can discuss the benefits, explore the ways that mulch can help keep your beds healthy by regulating temperature and moisture, look at samples, and come up with the best plan to fit your needs, so please call us at (352) 502-6869 or use our contact form today.

-- Ocala Lawns' Mulch Installer Plan Includes --

Mulch Choices

It's all about choices, isn't it? Luckily, Landscaping Mulch is one of those things that is full of them. We'll view samples and discuss the various mulch benefits that each offers. At this point, we'll decide on a type of Mulch, how much we'll need for your project, and coordinate a delivery and installation time.

Mulch Delivery

This is where you'll start to see the benefits of hiring us...because this is where the work gets hard. Ocala Lawns delivers the mulch to your home and we'll get right to work getting it moved around your yard, in preparation for spreading.

Mulch Installation

Ocala Lawns will apply a layer of new mulch to your flower beds, around trees and hedges, and wherever else we planned for.

-- Additional Yard Mulching Services --

Landscape Fabric Installation

Both new and old landscape bed installations can reap the benefits of a layer of landscape fabric weed barrier. The landscaping fabric allows oxygen and moisture to penetrate, creating a healthy environment for the plants you want, blocking the ones you don't, while providing a way to minimize your long-term weeding maintenance.

Landscape Bed Preparation and Weeding

Ocala Lawns will prep your new or old flower beds by removing the current weed growth, cutting a beautiful edge to each bed, and doing whatever else might be needed to enhance your landscape beds.

Ocala Mulch Selection
Mulch Delivery in Silver Spring Shores
Mulch Spreading for Ocala